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Swimming Pool Solar Heating Systems

Solar heating is a popular and emminently eco-friendly method for heating your swimming pool. Whether used on their own or combined with another heating system (such as electric or gas), involving a solar heating system into the way you heat your pool is terrifically energy efficient, friendly on your wallet and a great all round investment.

We offer a variety of solar heating systems, including solar matting, solar pods and solar covers, and recommend that customers with any further questions regarding solar heating or how solar heating systems can personally work for them give our friendly and accommodating team a ring on: 0151 334 0222.

You'll find all the solar heating products we supply below, just click on an image to view full specifications on each item


Solar Pods

he eco friendly Solar Pod swimming pool heaterThe Solar Pod plus swimming pool heater

Solar Matting

Solar Matting swimming pool heater installed on a roofSolar Matting swimming pool heater dimensions example


Solar Covers