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We've been supplying swimming pool heat pumps since 2002 and in that time we've seen the market inundated by heat pumps from China. Whilst these models are a great deal cheaper than the ones from America and Canada (which are renowned for their strength of constitution), they've also not always been as consistently reliable or durable.

The trend for products with a remarkably reasonable price tag (but of a less celebrated repute), is still prevalent today.

We know that weighing up the reliability of products and brand names against their value for money can be an absolute minefield, but hope that the basic brand breakdown below will help you out with your decision.


If you're looking for absolute quality from an established brand then we highly recommend Waterco. You will pay more for this Canadian built brand but it's a real investment as Waterco come with a proven track record of excellence and dependability.


In terms of a Chinese built swimming pool heat pump that comes with the same warranty assurance as Waterco, we suggest the DPL range. These will perfectly suit individuals with a mid range budget who don't want to compromise on reliability.


For those wanting to spend a little less, Hydropro offer smaller price tags for swimming pool heat pumps that are still seriously robust with a good capacity for power, and come with the added assurance of a two year warranty (parts and labour).

How does a heat pump work?

This is more simple than you might imagine! Basically, all swimming pool heaters have an input and an output, but in terms of Kilowatts (power) Heat pumps hold an advantage in how much more power they can output compared to how much they input.

So, whilst most traditional swimming pool heaters with an input of, say, 3 kilowatts of power would then also output 3 Kilowatts (meaning that you're also then paying for the 3 Kilowatts of power being outputted) a Waterco heat pump for example which has a similar input of 3 Kilowatts would actually output around 15 Kilowatts (heat pumps can produce up to 5 times the heating power that's inputted because the only power that's needed is used for the fan and the compressor, the heat is taken from the outside air and converted into warm pool water).

So, overall this means that you'll only be paying for 3 Kilowatts of power when you're actually getting as much as15! Sounds good, right?

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