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Solar Covers

A solar heating solution for boosting and retaining the temperature of swimming pools

Above Ground Solar Covers 200 Micron

Using a solar cover on your above ground swimming pool can greatly reduce additional heating costs and chemical expenditure, and thanks to it's fantastic capacity for heat retention in some cases can extend swimming season by up to 6 weeks.

By harnessing the sun's energy, solar covers can raise temperatures of swimming pool water by more than 10°C and because of its thin, lightweight and dexterous design (featuring a thickness of 200 Micron) can be easily cut to any size.

How do Solar Covers work?

When placed on the water of a swimming pool, the air bubbles of a solar cover are heated by the sun. This heat is then transferred to the water and the trapped air within the bubbles of the solar cover then act as a stringent insulator, retaining the heat coming up from the water. This means that your swimming pool can be heated quickly, and that a comfortable temperature can be easily maintained (which can also reduce the necessity for other forms of swimming pool heaters).


Swimming pool solar cover bubb;e diagram200 micron above ground pool solar cover


Note: these solar covers might need trimming on site, this is not hard.

available for most above ground pool sizes

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