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Jandy Laars Lite2 Swimming Pool Gas Heater

A robust gas boiler heating solution for your swimming pool

Discontinued, we recommend replacing your boiler with the Certikin Genie head to our sister site just click here

Easy installation

With a PVC hook-up and easy connection to AquaLink® RS digital controls, the Jandy Laars Lite2 Swimming Pool Gas Heater is easy to install and has a light weight, compact design optimised by a ceramic fiber combustion chamber (rather than using fire bricks).

Energy efficient and protected against the elements

Endlessly dependable, this Lite2 Swimming Pool heater comes with weather resistant jacketing and a vent cap, both designed to enhance performance of the boiler in severe weather conditions. Your swimming season can even be extended (and operating costs lowered) thanks to the efficiency of the Laars Lite2's copper heat exchanger and Flo-thru TM baffles which allow for a super efficient heat transfer.

Proven Reliability

This swimming pool heater has sustained over a years worth of meticulous field testing (15'000 cycles and environmental testing performed to military standards) to ensure a proven reliability. Further benefits of the Jandy Laars Lite2 swimming pool boiler include convenient sealed controls which protect the thermostats from corrosion or shorting, hot surface ignition which provide a speedy start up (and also prevents 'sooting'). No burner tray removal is required (LD) and the igniter is easily replaced with a single screw.

Jandy Laars Lite2 Swimming Pool Gas Heater